Well-Trained & Well-Qualified

The number one goal of our team is to ensure that your taxes are fulfilled in a way that saves you the most money possible. We do this using our many years or experience and the income tax laws in your favor. We ensure that you have the highest refund, or in the sad situation where you have to pay, you pay the least amount possible. We work to keep your money in your pocket.

We specialize in individual, small businesses and sole proprietor taxes all year. If you happen to be starting a business we will provide you a free forty five minute consultation just to get you started and pointed in the right direction.

In addition to our standard services, our team will:

  • Prepare your personal and business taxes
  • Provide you with pre and post assessments
  • Assist you in any tax audit if you come to face one

Our services our year round and we look forward to you joining our family or clients.

When we came to AAG with the taxes for our business - they were a mess! Not only were we missing information but we weren’t writing enough off. Sonia was able to work with us and get our books back on track.
— Jake G | Hartford, CT